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The U.S. drinking water system will soon be forced to deal with its aging infrastructure problem. The American Water Works Association estimates that more than $1 trillion will be required in the U.S. through the year 2035 to support our buried drinking water infrastructure[1]. These capital expenditures include replacement of pipes at the end of their useful life as well as new installations to serve growing populations. Without them, pipes breakage will accelerate leading to more frequent and more severe service disruptions, along with even greater costs for unplanned repairs and replacements.


AquaTecture wants to help municipalities and water agencies accelerate the replacement of aging water infrastructure. Through its project management services, AquaTecture offers customers a turn-key engineering, construction and financing solution for replacement of water infrastructure. By partnering with a network of experienced engineering firms and well-established contractors on a regional basis, AquaTecture is able to drive out costs and pass savings along to its clients. We are also able to provide, or arrange, both short-term (construction) and long-term (operations) financing solutions at competitive rates.


[1] Buried No Longer: Confronting America’s Water Infrastructure Challenge, American Water Works Association 2011,






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